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At Karuna Inc. we're thinking differently about housing solutions.

Karuna's mission is to build community by providing a supportive housing model that empowers people experiencing homelessness to cultivate their resilience, elevate their personal dignity, and find their own life worth living.

Who We Are

Karuna Inc. was founded by a dedicated group of individuals with decades of combined experience working with individuals and families experiencing homelessness, housing instability, mental health crises, and struggling with substance use. Our Staff and Board Members have accomplished backgrounds in Peer Support, Recovery Coaching, Community Health Work, Case Management, Independent Living Skills Training, Religious Ministry, Medicine, Nursing, Business Management, and the Law. We have come together to create radically re-visioned supportive housing opportunities that not only meet the basic needs of the people we serve but truly provide them with a foundation on which they can build a life worth living.

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Introducing Karuna House
The Karuna Pilot Supportive Housing Program

Helping residents find their own "life worth living" while providing safe, sustainable housing with 24-hour peer-based, person-centered support.

Karuna's Pilot Supportive Housing project is a new and innovative housing solution that does not currently exist in La Crosse. It has three core components that separate it from other supportive housing programs:

Co-Living Style Apartments

Six bedroom/two bathroom units with shared kitchen and living space provide comfortable rooming house accommodations. Rent assistance is included.

How is Karuna Different?

24-Hour Onsite Support Staff

Karuna focuses on peer-based support and provides professional care coordination with other community service providers so each resident can work towards achieving their own personal goals.

Community Connection

Connection to community, friends and family is key to any successful transition out of homelessness. Karuna helps residents engage with community service and planned recreational activities.

Rent Payment

Each resident is responsible for a monthly rent payment based on standard HUD subsidy calculations. Residents with no income will work with staff to obtain income or earn rent credits by engaging in extra hours of community service.

Who is eligible?

Karuna supports individuals who experience persistent, intensive mental health needs and struggle with substance use as well as having chronic physical health concerns. We specialize in supporting people who have previously participated or are currently participating in a supported housing or shelter program but have been or will be discharged and returned to homelessness. All of our residents have been homeless a minimum of 12 months cumulatively over the last three years with preference given to those meeting HUD’s definition of chronic homelessness.

Individuals Struggling with Mental Health and Substance Use Issues

Individuals Struggling to  Be Successful in Traditional Programming

Chronically Homeless Individuals

House and Lease Rules

Typical lease obligations apply plus residents work together to create their own house rules.

What is Required to Participate?

Community Service

Each resident will be required to participate in 20 hours of community service per month. The type of service is entirely up to the individual, based on their own abilities, and can be done on their own or with group projects.

How to Apply

Karuna accepted applications for its first 10 available units through September 29th.

Applications are currently closed.

Email for more information about upcoming availability and how to apply.

Generously supported by:

Gundersen Health System
Franciscan Sisters
Mayo Clinic

What Our Residents and Community Members Are Saying:

"I'm still adjusting but it's time. It's nice to have a home. I can get my knee taken care of. I've just been living with the pain on the street. I'm getting there."

Karuna House

"The Karuna Pilot project is an investment in a solution that we believe should be a part of the La Crosse community’s strategic plan."

Kahya Fox,

Habitat for Humanity of the Greater La Crosse Region

"I felt disrespected and not trusted when I was homeless. Having housing makes me feel secure and trusted - trustworthy again. Being accepted into the Karuna Program I felt loved, supported, and understood. Like I have a second chance.


Karuna House


While residents are required to contribute a rent payment, most are not able to afford the full monthly cost. Additionally, Karuna Inc. does not charge residents for supportive services. You can join our efforts and support our residents by contributing financially to the Karuna House Pilot Supportive Housing Project.

  • $4,000 covers the cost of rent for one resident for an entire year

  • $335 covers one month's rent for one resident

  • $45 covers the cost of utilities for one month for one resident

Donate Now

And help us make a difference in the lives of our residents.


Thank you for your donation!

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