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At Karuna Inc.
we're thinking differently about housing solutions.

Karuna's mission is to build community by providing a supportive housing model that empowers people experiencing homelessness to cultivate their resilience, elevate their personal dignity, and find their own life worth living.

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Helping residents find their own "life worth living" while providing safe, sustainable housing with 24-hour peer-based, person-centered support.

How is Karuna Different?

Karuna's Pilot Supportive Housing project is a new and innovative housing solution that NOW exists in La Crosse.


It has three core components that separate it from

other supportive housing programs:


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Who is Eligible?

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What is Required to Participate?


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How to Apply

Applications are currently closed.

Email for more information about upcoming availability and how to apply.

Generously supported by:

Gundersen Health System
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What Our Community Members Are Saying:

"I think Karuna housing is a great new resource to help fill gaps in our efforts to end homelessness due to its flexibility and supportive environment."

Officer Joel Miller

La Crosse Police


“The dream of Karuna is to get those in the community at the highest risk of morbidity off the street. For the first time, this group of people is connecting to healthcare consistently, connecting to social services. A lot of these people are people we’ve seen on the streets, so now we’re going to continue to follow them and continue to work to integrate them. I’ve seen smiles that I haven’t seen in a really long time.”

Sandy Brekke

Director of Population Health, Innovation and Programming

Gundersen Health Systems

"The Karuna Pilot project is an investment in a solution that we believe should be a part of the La Crosse community’s strategic plan."

Kahya Fox

Habitat for Humanity of

The Greater La Crosse Region

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While residents are required to contribute a rent payment, most are not able to afford the full monthly cost. Additionally, Karuna Inc. does not charge residents for supportive services. You can join our efforts and support our residents by contributing financially to the Karuna House Pilot Supportive Housing Project.

  • $4,000 covers the cost of rent for one resident for an entire year

  • $540 covers the cost of utilities for one resident for an entire year

  • $335 covers the cost of one month's rent for one resident

  • $45  covers the cost of one month's utilities for one resident

Donate Now

And help us make a difference in the lives of our residents.


Thank you for your donation!

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