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Community Involvement

We are proud that our Karuna residents and staff are so involved with projects in our community!

Community Connections

Connection to community, friends and family is key to any successful transition out of homelessness. Karuna helps residents engage with community service and planned recreational activities.

Each resident is required to participate in 20 hours of community service per month. The type of service is entirely up to the individual, based on their own abilities, and can be done on their own or with group projects.


In April 2024, Karuna was lucky enough to get a visit from Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor, Sara Rodriguez and

Mike Basford, Executive Director of the Interagency Council on Homelessness.

Our residents cooked up an amazing lunch and our visitors were able to experience the strength and determination of so many of our residents and community members.

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From podcast episodes to a book creation, all roads led to this group coming together.

Bobbi Rathert returned from her Mississippi River kayak trip and Paddling for Hope Fundraiser in 2022 with relief to be back in the familiar place of home. Living on the river, camping on its banks, and repeating it day after day alone was an incredible experience of complicated challenges, discoveries, and unnerving hazards. But home was always on Bobbi’s mind as it became her touchstone while living outdoors.... read more


LAX Listening Sessions is a series that is part of Ope! Publishing's podcast called "Goat Cart” which can be found on Spotify. You can find more information about Ope! on their website at

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